How To Apply

100% compliance is mandatory

You must fill in the form below with the following:

  1. full name
  2. email address
  3. age  and birthdate
  4. city, state and/or country
  5. brief explanation why you think you would be the perfect slave and victim

along with the form, you are to send three full-body photos of yourself, naked and barefoot, front, side and rear, with a red silk ribbon or red choker tied tight around your neck and your hair tied up (if long) so the ribbon can clearly be seen. Ribbon bow should be tied in the back as seen in the photo. Send it to:, attn: slave

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Camaraderie Ltd.

Extreme BDSM


and female submissives

WANTED: painslave/victim


You must be a female ONLY

  • between the age of 18 and 45 (age and credentials will be verified)
  • attractive, healthy, fit (obese or physically unfit need not apply)
  • voluptuous (large breasts, shapely ass and legs) is a strong plus
  • single, unattached
  • ready, willing and able to agree to slavery/victimhood and relocate
  • completely submissive, servile
  • being a masochist who loves pain is a strong plus
  • any race and nationality welcome



You Must be a Male ONLY

  • minimum age 18, no older than 60
  • reports to Sir Charles King
  • physically assist Sir Charles
  • driver
  • oversee slaves and carry out executions
  • manage operations full-time, live on-site


  • loyalty, intelligence, physical strength, like-minded to Sir Charles, clean record and driver license, submissives considered
  • good at horseback riding, calf-roping, hunting, branding, proficiency with a bullwhip, expert marksman (rifle, bow, blowpipe)


  • all expenses paid
  • all the females you can punish

How To Apply

submit resume to:, attn: Overseer