female submissives

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long pigs

just a side of beef off the rack

Whether the "slit" is hanging upside down in a smokehouse or on a roasting spit with an apple in her mouth, she's Grade-A Prime, Choice or Select. The best meat's in the rump!

Slave Trade

Taken and SOLD

These bitches are for servitude and punishment - including snuff.

The Sniper

Ex-Marine Iraq War veteran

5 female victims, four kill shots between the eyes, one kill shot to the temple.

Extreme BDSM


and female submissives

A collared slave's life

In service to her Master

she'll feel the hot branding iron on her ass, the bullwhip on her back, and ultimately the noose or the guillotine blade on her neck.


The victims

they didn't make it

some had necktie parties, others lost their head, and one was  even hunted for sport and got a bullet right between the eyes.

WARNING: This site is not political nor does it promote the subjugation of all women; it is for men and women who share this unique sexual fantasy only. Avoid this site if this is not what you seek.

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